The move to NY

The move to Ithaca went very well. It was Alex's first long trip in the car. He actually did really well. He slept almost the entire time. But before leaving Akron I had to say goodbye to Naomi! She is the sales manager's wife and was so nice and always doing fun things.

Goodbye, Naomi! This summer has been so fun talking all about babies with you!

Sam after his first day of orientation. He is a Cornellian now!

This is the only picture we have of the unpacking process. So look past Alex (if possible). Our apartment had boxes all over it like that for almost a whole week! I was going crazy!

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Janelle said...

I really tried to get as much unpacked for you as I could before I left, but you have SO MUCH STUFF. (JK, don't even start to compare how much stuff I have. If I moved, it would take 3 months to get it all unpacked, but we're talking about you here. :)) It probably looks all cute and homey by now. I can't wait to come see you next month.

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