When Sam was living in Oklahoma City (2006), he found an armadillo, cornered it in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and brought it back to his apartment. It spent the night in the bath tub and they named it Albert. He and his roommates released it the next day, traumatized by the entire experience, I am sure.

It seems Sam has formed a habit of hanging things upside down. We think Alex enjoys it more than the armadillo did though.


In case you weren't convinced that Alex is one cute son of a gun, this is the picture of him rotated and enlarged. Adorable.



Kendra said...

I'm loving those jammies too.

Melissa said...

Alex looks very cute. I don't know what to say about Sam.

Spencer and Anna said...

This picture is fantastic. That kind of crazy toddler acrobatics is right up Spencer's alley. :) Alex looks so happy.

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