Sam and I are so different. A few days ago I asked him to come up with three things for which he is thankful. He responded, "Only three?" I guess I am the pessimist in the relationship because I expect things to go poorly and then am pleasantly surprised when they go well. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the good and instead focus on everything going wrong. Sam is helping me to stop doing this, but it is a new struggle for me. I never felt like anything was bad before! This Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful for a few things.

Sam is thankful for:
1. Babies. I am so grateful I have healthy and happy babies (wife, son, and fetus)
2. Family. A loving and supportive family makes such a difference in my life.
3. Holidays. Relaxing and spending time with family and friends is a sure way for me to be happy.

Emily is thankful for:
1. Tomorrow. I am not a perfect wife or mother. I am so glad I have tomorrow to try to be better than I was today.
2. Energy. This is mostly in regards to Alex. I cannot believe how much energy this kid has. He is helping me appreciate my health and body.
3. Pregnancy. I absolutely love being pregnant. I am so happy I have this chance again.

Alex is thankful for:
1. Sticks. These are all-purpose toys. It can be used as a weapon if someone tries to invade my turf. Or I can just wield it around and poke things.
2. Shoes. Mommy doesn't let me play outside without them and I think I would go crazy if I couldn't play outside.
3.Weight. Mommy spoils me and lets me eat whatever I want because she is worried about my weight. I especially like candy.


Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Emily you are so diligent. I think it's great that you plan ahead. I just thought last night that maybe I should do something thankful for today, and if I remember right, you've done this post every year.

I love to read your blog. It is always fun and you have a great writing style.

Becky said...

I love your being thankful for tomorrow. I never thought to put it that way, but especially on days where I just feel like I missed the mark with my kids that day, there's always tomorrow!
PS I love your post on Ithaca talking points--I think you pegged Ithaca pretty well!

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