We have a climber! One day I couldn't find Alex and he climbed all the way up Sam's boxes and into the window sill! He gets up there so quickly and loves looking out the window. Luckily there is a pretty wide ledge. He stays up there for as long as we let him. I ran outside to see what he looked like from the outside and he was just relaxing and watching the world go by. I guess he needed some alone time. We decided he isn't very safe up there so we moved our TV stand in front of a lower window so he can play there instead.

In recent news, he learned to push out a kitchen chair and climb onto the table. This should be fun!



The Macks said...

I completely love these pictures! Your kid is hilarious!

danielle said...

This, again, confirms my theory that you are the most egalitarian and progressive mom I have ever met. I love it. Not necessarily that you have the idea that your kid might need some alone time--which I love, but the idea that you are comfortable enough to confess this idea, which may or may not be accepted by Moms at Large. I love it. Your boy is going to grow up to be an adorable and well-adjusted young man. :)

Anna said...

For as scary as a child climber might be for a mother, that is so darling! I LOVE the last picture!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Veigel said...

I don't like the climbing phase! It's fun to see them getting more coordinated and they get so excited, but it scares me to death!

Camille Elise said...

oh, that's just too cute! REminds me of when I was 10 years old...and snuck (sp??) out my bedroom window... silly boy.

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