Tuesday Thyme: Italian Cream Soda

We had these at the Girls' Night Out and Sam and I have made them multiple times since then. It took a lot of different measurements for me to figure out how I liked it and it differs with cup sizes. Here is basically what I did and you can add or subtract amounts to make it how you like it! This recipe is for the size of glasses you see in the picture! Obviously you would use much less syrup and white grape juice concentrate in a smaller glass.


Italian Cream Soda

Sparkling water
White grape juice concentrate
Italian flavored syrup
Whipping cream (unwhipped and whipped)
Maraschino cherries

1. Fill a glass full of ice.
2. Add sparkling water to a little past half full.
3. Add 1-2 Tablespoon Italian flavored syrup.
4. Defrost white grape juice concentrate and add approximately 5 T.
5. Add more sparking water until liquid is about an inch from the top of the glass.
6. Add 1 1/2 T. whipping cream (unwhipped).
7. Top with whipping cream (whipped) and cherry. Enjoy using a straw!


The Paxton Family said...

yum! it looks so good!

Melissa said...

These were so yummy!

Camille Elise said...

UM HELLO! yUMMY LOOKING GOODNESS that is called Italian Cream Soda...you shall meet my belly as soon as I have time to make you. Thanks.

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