Sleep Eating

Alex had never fallen asleep in his highchair before. It wasn't even naptime yet! He was still picking up food off his tray and putting it in his mouth even though he was asleep. He had a really rough morning and naptime wasn't coming soon enough. That morning, he was playing on some boxes and he fell and almost bit through his lower lip. His chin is still bruised!

He took a really good nap after falling asleep in his highchair so we went outside to play when he woke up. He found a Mason jar someone had left out so he picked it up. He walked a few steps and then tripped and fell onto the sidewalk with the jar still in his hands. It shattered and sliced his thumb open. It scared me because when I grabbed him I could see shards of glass sticking out of his hand. He cried for a few minutes but once he stopped crying, he was ready to play again. But his thumb was still bleeding. So I shut us both in the bathroom and wrestled him while he fingerpainted the walls, toilet, and sink with blood. It stopped bleeding eventually and seems to be healing well.

Alex is a daredevil. I cannot believe how many things he gets into. He can't go two days without hitting his mouth on something and bleeding all over the place. I am surprised he hasn't knocked out a tooth yet.



Rachel said...

I love it! Sleep eating is always hilarious.

Camille Elise said...

haha. I love it too. I love your comment at the end..."Okay, I'll put you in bed." Like you knew exactly why he was whining. Well, you did know... But ya, funny how you can read his cues.

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