Brief Thoughts

 Ever wondered what it would be like to hear someone's thoughts for a day? Here is your chance:

I feel bad that I can manipulate Alex's schedule and put him down anytime, even if he's not tired.
I can't wait to have a kitchen where I have to move around in order to sweep the whole thing.
Alex is so cute when he wakes up all groggy and just wants to cuddle.
I sure wish Sam hadn't gotten home at 2am last night. That would have made this morning much easier.
Teeter totters just make one kid go home with a sore butt and feeling fat.
I am balding.
Sam is throwing food at Alex. Great. This is going to be a hard lesson to un-learn.
Who taught my baby not to eat the crust?! Somebody's gonna die!
Is there a world record for the most poopy diapers in one day? I think Alex just beat it.
Can we pretend that shooting stars aren't every girls' status?
Wal-Mart might just be the death of me. Five hours here and I have to pay them?!
Alex loves vacuums so much. He just found his favorite aisle in the store. *brain explodes*
Why does it take so long to clean up things that only take a second to spread around?
Alex sleeps in bizarre positions. How does he get his butt so high in the air?
How is it possible for this baby to be pushing on my throat and bladder at the same time?
If I leave the clean laundry there long enough, maybe Sam will fold it.
Are people really going to need our bathroom when they come over or can I just close the door instead of cleaning it?
Since when did watching movies become a chore?
If Alex doesn't stop putting on my high heels, Sam is going to get worried.
I wonder if mechanics can ever get all of that grease off their hands.
I wish I got paid for being a stay-at-home mom. That would make bills much easier to handle.
That was supposed to be done in July?! Whoops. It wasn't me?
Why didn't Sam's old passport come back? Dang it! That had all of his mission stamps in it!
Why are there fingerprints on the toilet lid again? "ALEX!"
If CPS could see our apartment now, Alex would totally be taken away.
I have amazing friends. Fresh homemade bread? Thanks, Erin!
Why am I trying to blog every day of November? Terrible decision.
I miss swimming. I need to find a pool.
Sam shaves for interviews more often than he shaves for me! Should I be worried?
Church is tomorrow. I am already tired from thinking about chasing Alex around. So much for a day of rest.
I want to read a real book.
Am I seriously going to have another kid? What if I don't love him as much?
People shouldn't feel right about charging so much for laundry.
I wonder when Sam will be able to come home and actually be home; I am getting really sick of all of this work.
I don't think I'll be able to eat very much at Thanksgiving dinner. I have been more of a snacker these days.
Wal-Mart mechanic, if you are going to go through  my glove compartment, mind your own business and don't tell me that my granola bars need thrown away.
We need to return that movie we borrowed.
Why isn't there any water in this entire room?
Is Alex going to try to nurse again when this baby is nursing? I don't think I could handle that.
It is bedtime. Why am I still awake?

I had more thoughts. But they weren't as important so I can't remember them. Most of these things came out of my mouth about two seconds before I registered the thought, which is pretty typical for me. I am sure I judged some people, too. But like I said, my thoughts about them don't matter. Now it really is bedtime.


Andrea said...

in answer to your question about mechanics and their greased up hands...it only comes off (almost completely) when they go on vacation for 2 weeks and spend most of that in the water...ie a lake.

my dad is a mechanic. summer vacation is the only time i have ever seen his hands clean.
oh. or when he came out of a cast.

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

The mechanic really went through your glove compartment?! That's crazy! And I loved reading your random thoughts. Thanks for having a great blog! I really enjoy reading about your life. You are a great mom. Alex and "boy" are so lucky. Oh, and we should chat on the phone sometime... unless you aren't a phone person.

Camille Elise said...

Um hello! You crack me up! And I love love love it. You brighten my day. blog every day of November? Wow. Very optimistic. But I enjoy your posts so much it's totally worth it...to me! :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

HAHAHA. Emily you never fail to make me laugh. I am amazed you could remember so many thoughts throughout your day to write them all here. ha. Love it.

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