Mummy Had a Party!

Sam works a lot these days. If he isn't on campus for classes, meetings, recruiting, or homework, then he is either in Rochester (two hours away) or Buffalo (three hours away) working. I hate all the lonely nights so I decided to have a Girls' Night Out (although it was a night in for me).

I invited girls from Sam's program and then the wives of the Mormon MILRs (Master of Industrial and Labor Relations students). It was so fun. I loved planning it. I usually get really stressed out and start noticing all of my inadequacies when I plan things like this and try to be creative; but I was using the party as an excuse to see friends and not trying to impress anyone so it was a lovely night.




The Macks said...

I wish we lived closer so I could come! Have you and Sam decided if you will make it to Chelsey's wedding?

Anonymous said...

That looks so awesome! You shouldn't feel inadequate, you're so creative! I wish I was artistic, but I guess skating kinda counts :)

Janelle said...

That table looks amazing!

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