Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds around our family knows that we call Alex "(the) devil" more often than we call him "Alex." This came from saying he was a "Cute little devil." It probably seems odd to strangers, and maybe friends, but we say it without even noticing now. Alex responds to it just like he responds to his real name.

Alex has gotten into the habit of playing with things that aren't really kid appropriate. Such things as the toilet, steak knives, and bookshelves. Sam has started saying that things are either "N.F.D." or "F.D." This means that they are Not for Devil or For Devil. I am considering putting Post-It Notes on everything in the house so Alex can know what is meant for him; but I'm pretty sure he already knows. That's why he is a little devil!

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Michelle Lyons said...

I like how "steak knives" was in the middle of the sentence, like you just mentioned it in passing. LOL

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