Our Excuse

A few weeks ago, Sam had an interview where he had to go to the company's headquarters. It was only a few hours away so he drove there. The night before the interview, the company had a dinner at a fancy restaurant planned for all of the candidates.

Sam got to the city in plenty of time, but after he checked into his hotel and was getting dressed for dinner, he noticed that he didn't have any dress shoes. He hurried to the store to buy some shoes but he was about 30 minutes late to the dinner. (Bad impression, we know.) When he walked in, someone jokingly asked him if it had been a rough day. Sam laughed and explained that he has a young child who must have pulled his dress shoes out of his bag so he had to go buy new shoes.

I know Alex. This story is completely possible. Alex is obsessed with shoes and is always putting his feet in them, trying to walk around, or carrying them around. However, in this case, it was a lie. Sam simply forgot to pack shoes. Although I disagree with lying, I do agree that Sam's excuse does sound better than "I forgot my shoes."


Before I was pregnant with Alex, I promised that I would never use the pregnancy as an excuse to get out of anything. I held to that promise even after Alex was born. I cannot think of a time I have ever used Alex as an excuse to get out of something. As a false excuse, that is. I have had to leave things to nurse him or for his nap time but I have never made up an excuse involving Alex in order to get out of something. I am sure my day will come, I just hope it isn't for a long, long time.

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