A Month of Halloween

We celebrated Halloween for the whole month of October. Very different from how I grew up and we didn't celebrate Halloween at all. All of these pictures are really blurry. I need to clean the lens on my phone more often. This is what we spent our time doing in October...

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The boys didn't understand that we were trying to collect special/cool leaves. They thought it was more fun to stuff handfuls of leaves into their bags.

 photo Halloween6x_zps126b2d35.jpg

I made these rice krispies treats in five minutes and they were so funky looking. Sam took them to a Brazilian's birthday party later that night and they were all raving over them because they had never tasted rice krispies treats before!

 photo Halloween7_zpsae0ac9e8.jpg

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Candy making is tricky business. And the soft ball stage quickly turned into the hard ball stage and the boys were happy just eating regular popcorn.

 photo Halloween11_zps85a2462d.jpg

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Alex had his preschool party, too! He was so excited to wear his costume and tell everyone that he was an Alexgator.

 photo Halloween28a_zps427ad8b4.jpg

 photo Halloween29_zpsf8a1825d.jpg

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The Red Sox had just won the World Series so Sam went as a World Champion.

 photo Halloween31a_zps5dac842a.jpg

 photo Halloween31b_zps6153ea50.jpg

I made the boys their trick or treating bags.

 photo Halloween31c_zps00583955.jpg

We went on the Trail of Treats to the business on Main Street in Williston. The boys got so much candy. The weather was amazing that day. It was 56 degrees while we were on Main Street and 47 degrees while trick or treating later that night!

 photo Halloween31d_zpsf83b2714.jpg

 photo Halloween31e_zpsb1264360.jpg
Alex, Vaughn, Rosalie, and Edison

The ward Halloween party was different than I was expecting. It was in a really small space and I wish they had kept the party in the church's cultural hall. I was feeling claustrophobic. They also said there would be a chili cook-off and then no one judged the chili. Then as I was leaving I was informed that I had won a prize. But it wasn't judged. It was ridiculous and I left the party super frustrated and annoyed.

 photo Halloween31f_zps85267454.jpg

After we left, we went trick or treating with the Jordans.

 photo Halloween31g_zps72e0edff.jpg

 photo Halloween31h_zps67749d05.jpg

The boys were so excited about all of their candy. They had a hard time choosing only three pieces of candy to eat before bedtime. It was adorable to see them debating the choices. Alex would line up a few and then hem and haw over it.

 photo Halloween31k_zps6779fecd.jpg

Sam took a picture of me from the ground and I look like I have giraffe legs. I wore a ski suit I got from Rachael. It is vintage and super awesome. I wore it as a costume but I wear it in real life, too.

 photo Halloween31j_zpsbd64da10.jpg

It was a good month. The boys really looked forward to choosing a card from the calendar each day and then hearing what we would be doing. I love having little buddies who go along with my crazy ideas.


Holly Decker said...

awesome. but i would expect no less from you!
day 18 is my fave.
and that family picture of y'all in your costumes? its PERFECTION. i cannot get over Declan as a pumpkin. CANNOT. oh my lanta.
and you are lookin' good, girlfriend.

Olivia said...

How much fun are you!!! What an awesome way to celebrate Halloween! P.S. I'm kinda with you on the ward party...

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