May Dates

Sam and Alex went on a date to Applebee's. Alex is obsessed with that place. Maybe it has something to do with his love for apples but he asks to go to Applebee's every time we drive by. So unfortunate since I think it is nasty.

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After dinner, they went to the college to run around the track and dunk a few balls.

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Edison and I went on a date to watch some little leaguers play. We ended up knowing one of the players. We stayed for a little while and I answered all of Edison's questions about how the game works and why the kids were doing everything. I loved it.

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Edison always wants to go to the store and look at the toys. Every time. So we did that, too.

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Such empty shelves at Walmart, even in the toy department!

Sam and I have also been going on monthly dates but I haven't really posted about those dates. This month, we went golfing. I don't know a lot about golf etiquette but the other people on the course made me shake my head. We had to wait for the group in front of us on every hole so of course the couple behind us would be expected to wait for us as well. But they didn't. They were playing on top of us. It was an embarrassment.

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Sam and I still had a great time. However, we golfed very poorly. We tied at 29 over par. So bad. I guess that's what happens when you golf once a year.

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