Bounce Into Summer

We are embracing the summer with open arms. I have even muttered the words, "I love Williston!" The summer here is pretty amazing. I don't think it makes up for the winter but the summer is splendid. It seems like every day is full of fun. I love being able to see and do all of these things with my kids. My life is kind of like a vacation.

Our little friend Dahlia turned five years old and we went to her birthday party. Her mom, Stephanie, and Sam grew up together and it has been really fun to have their family here in Williston. We were late because I was taking a nap (remember? My vacation life?). But we did make it to the party and the boys made candy shish kabobs.

 photo Bounce1_zps7a48010d.jpg

They played a game where they threw a ball into numbered buckets and they got a prize from a bag with the corresponding number.

 photo Bounce2_zps34a36201.jpg

Dahlia opened her gifts and the boys now want My Little Pony toys for their birthdays, too.

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On our way home from the party I drove by a park that looked like they were setting up a big barbecue. So I made Sam stop on his way home from work and ask what was going on. It was already 5:30pm and I hadn't started dinner. It turned out that Nemont was doing a barbecue to advertise their new product so yay! Free dinner!

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We stayed and played at the park for an hour after we finished eating and mingling with Nemont employees.

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I ordered Bountiful Baskets for a few weeks and now I am done again. I can't handle the disorganization.

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Our ward had a humanitarian project for the women's shelter. Sam went to the shelter to help clean and paint and I stayed at the church with the kids to put together hygiene kits. The kids were going down the line with bags and getting them loaded with things and then putting them in a pile and getting a new bag. At the end, there were a ton of bags lined up. Alex asked, "How do we know which ones are mine?" I had to explain to him that the bags were not ours; we were just helping put them together. He was so distraught because he thought the bags were for him so he had put his little toy ring he got at Dahlia's birthday party into one of the bags! We looked for it but couldn't find it. Next time, I need to explain better to the kids what we are doing before we start.

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We went to Harmon Park because a local church was putting on an event called Bounce Into Summer. There were bounce houses, food, rock walls, and carnival games. My kids walked over to the RC cars, parked themselves, and didn't want to do anything else.

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The driver took a break so we walked over to get snow cones. I haven't had a snow cone in a long time!

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I love being able to spend the day outside. It was a long, tiring day where the boys didn't take any naps but it was still so fun!

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