I grew up wearing my sisters' hand-me-downs so my mom doesn't have very many (any?) clothes that scream Emily when she sees them. I do not have any daughters so it is fine that I don't have any of my own clothes to pass on to them. My mom sent us an outfit that all of my brothers wore though! It was cracking me up all day. Declan's face and mannerisms are so adorable.

 photo Outfit1_zps04fc6798.jpg

 photo Outfit2_zpsd9a44e84.jpg

 photo Outfit3_zps697f0b9f.jpg

 photo Outfit6_zpsb3acb77a.jpg

 photo Outfit7_zpsd12cbc54.jpg

 photo Outfit8_zpse9411774.jpg

 photo Outfit4_zps3935c89c.jpg
Adam wearing the outfit, 11 months old

 photo Outfit5_zps3d3903aa.jpg
David and Adam (& Matthew in the mirror)

  photo Outfit9_zps09e83b1a.jpg
Adam 6 months, Declan 14 months

Hand-me-downs are swell. Although I don't know if I will have anything to pass onto my grand kids because my boys wear their clothes out completely!

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