We were so excited for the Upper Missouri Valley Fair! I went one night last year but I was volunteering with Alex's gymnastics club and I didn't get to see the sights, try the fair food, or watch my kids go on rides. Our first stop was to see the animals. We got there just in time for the boys to try milking a cow.

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The animals were sticking their heads through the fences and licking Declan's leftovers off of his tray. He was not happy about this and kept pushing their heads away.

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We bought some tickets for the boys to go on rides. Tickets were $1/each and most rides required three or four tickets. Totally insane.

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We walked around the whole fair and then told the boys to choose one ride. We didn't want them to choose the first ride they saw and then want to ride the next one they saw as well. Their choice was the helicopters.

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We bought 20 tickets so we let them choose another ride: the cars. Edison spent the whole ride either turned around to watch Alex or waving at me. So cute.

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 The last ride they chose was the dragon rollercoaster. Alex was terrified and my jaw hurt by the end of the ride because I was smiling and laughing so hard.

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Fair food. In my opinion, it's the best part.

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They were doing free caricatures and since Alex and Edison already have their own, we got Declan's done. She threw away her first draft because it was kind of terrifying. This is what we ended up with.

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 photo UMVF15_zpsfedcfc9b.jpg

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"Look, Mom. It's the Holy Ghost." Umm, what?

There was a strange woman wandering around with this "Enchanted Wagon" turtle following her. She sprinkled fairy dust (glitter) on everyone's heads and had them jumping around and dancing.

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We went back to the fair again the next day.

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The little piglets next to their mom were less than two days old. It was crazy to see them walking around!

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Alex and Edison stood around waiting until they could milk the cow again.

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We all played in the bounce houses. Sometimes I forget to play because I am so busy being in mom mode.

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Alex ran over to me flipping me off and yelling, "Pooooop!" A child left it as a gift for everyone else at the bottom of the slide.

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Back for more food.

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I bought them enough tickets for one more ride. They wanted to go on the dragon rollercoaster again. But it was out of order so they ended up going down the big slide. Alex started heading up and the operator said that Edison was too small. He added that Sam could take Edison up but we would have to pay for each of them. We only had enough tickets left for one person. Cue Edison's breakdown. The operator said, "This is the second kid I have made cry today. You can go up." So it worked out. One ride down the slide for the three boys was $8. Ridiculous.

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Good times at the fair. There was so much good people watching to do. These people must be in hiding the rest of the year and then they put on their especially trashy clothes and come out to the fair. It is amazing.


Holly Decker said...

your children are hilarious! love this post.

Janelle said...

You go directly from poo to food. hmmm...

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