While Sam was camping with the boys, I was thinking about our plans for the next day. We had been wanting to go to Medora since we moved here but hadn't made the trip yet. So I bought our tickets and sent Sam a text. His phone was off so he found out on the way home from the Fathers and Sons campout.

We left straight from the Dadfest and drove to Medora. Medora is about two hours to the south of Williston. It is right outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit. We got there five minutes before the Flag Day All-Horse Parade started.

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Behind the last horse, there were a few men picking up the poop. Sam saw them and said, "That's a crappy job." Never lacking a pun, that husband of mine.

 photo Medora6_zpse9556c92.jpg

After the parade, we went into the South Unit Visitor Center.

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We went on a tour of TR's Maltese Cross Cabin.

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The park ranger giving the tour was ridiculously talkative and the boys quickly lost interest. I think he was trying to make us love Roosevelt, but I ended up really annoyed by TR. His mother died and then his wife died later on the same day from complications of giving birth to their child. So Roosevelt packed up and went to North Dakota. He had heard the bison were disappearing. Did he go to help save them? Nope. He went to kill one for himself before they were all gone. The ranger referred to Roosevelt as a glamper (glamorous camper) who got his street cred from punching a guy in the face at a bar. So I wasn't impressed. But maybe I didn't hear the good stuff when I took Alex to the bathroom.

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The Maltese Cross

Sam had Declan on his shoulders and walked through a tree. But the tree wasn't soft and Declan got a nasty scratch.

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We drove around the park and hiked for a while. We spotted a few bison and a hundred prairie dogs before heading back into Medora.

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The Medora Musical started at 7:30pm and ended around 9:45pm. All of the kids were invited down to help with the flag raising.

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Cirque Zuma Zuma was the special guest but I liked the Country Singers the most. It was a really good and fun show.

 photo Medora22_zpsdabf3061.jpg

During intermission, I took Alex to the bathroom. When he walked into the stall, we both saw a wrapped piece of gum on the ground. He picked it up and I made him throw it in the little garbage can on the wall that is for disposing of used feminine hygiene products. Then he closed the door and I stood outside the stall. Once he was done, he opened the door and I noticed the lid to the garbage can was up. I peeked in (so gross!) and saw a gum wrapper. Only the wrapper. Alex was chewing the gum. I made him put it back in the garbage and then we walked back to our seat with my skin crawling. This is a blackmail-worthy story. Sick, sick, sick.

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Medora, despite being in North Dakota, is in the Mountain Time Zone. Declan fell asleep during the show but Alex and Edison were awake until 11pm and we didn't get home until 1am. It was a long day but so fun and I am tempted to buy season passes to the Medora Musical. It was awesome!

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