Sugar, Sugar

Declan is a crazy person! He does not stop moving. He goes from one thing to the next emptying, ripping, dumping, throwing, climbing, smashing, tipping, and doing some general-purpose destruction. It is relentless! He gets stuck in precarious positions and makes so many messes (if it is a liquid then he splashes in it, if it is crunchable then you better believe he is stomping on it). He does it all with a smile on his face. Little punk.

 photo Sugar1_zps9f9867cb.jpg

 photo Sugar2_zpsf63fa131.jpg

He threw a fit when I tried to take away the sugar. This kid is not going easy on me.

 photo Sugar3_zps4054cd99.jpg


Olivia said...

How can you not love that cute face even when he is making trouble? :)

Jershelly said...

Ha! That's hilarious. :)

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