Six Years!

Sometimes I wonder if Sam and I would have started dating if he had been a few years younger. He was so old that he wasn't even on my radar as a boyfriend candidate. I was not a big flirt. I was friendly with guys but I wasn't flirty; I would just make conversation. I was so comfortable with Sam because he was 25. A grandpa practically. I was only 17 when we first met. What was I thinking?! I am glad that I was able to open up to him. I thought I was just playing and it ended up being the best game ever.

 photo SixYears_zps71455f95.jpg

We went on a really nice date for our anniversary this year. We ate dinner at a delicious new restaurant in town and talked and talked. Then we went to see a movie and talked a little through that, too. Sorry people sitting around us! When we got home from the late movie we were greeted by a wide awake one-year-old who had refused to sleep for the babysitter.

Sam understands me so well. He sees the crazy and still loves me. I think he even loves the crazy. I am thrilled about the past six years and all that we have done and seen. Sam is hilarious, smart, athletic, affectionate, thoughtful, and kind. But none of those characteristics are in your face. He is a perfect balance. I love that guy.


Janelle said...

That bouquet is beautiful - to go with a beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Holly Decker said...

you guys are PERFECTION!~ so glad you are together and making beautiful babies! i learn so much from you guys and wish you the happiest anniversary!

Jershelly said...

Happy Anniversary!

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