Band Day

We had such a great time at Band Day last year and I was looking forward to the 82nd Annual Band Day this year. It did not disappoint. It was a chilly morning and I was having a small health issue but we bundled up and went to Main Street to watch the parade. It was windy and overcast and then the parade started and the clouds parted. It ended up being hot and we were taking off our jackets. The minute the parade ended it was windy and cold again. It was perfect just for the parade.

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The featured bands were the Minnesota Skol Line and Industrial Rhythm. The parade had fewer company trucks than last year but still had plenty of Williston charm. It was just pretty grand all around.

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There was a healthy amount of pageant winners, too!

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We sat with our friends, the Coltons.

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This band was called The Last Echo and they were really good!

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The streets are clean, right?

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Photo by Alex

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Stephanie and Cael

Declan was so happy to be freed from the stroller so he could snag some candy.

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One sucker wasn't enough.

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Alex's preschool is a PreK-12th grade school. The marching band came by and I said to Alex, "Those kids are from your school!" He looked at me skeptically and said, "Are you sure? They're usually smaller [and held his hand to around his head level]." Hilarious.

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The boys already had a ton of candy and then a guy came by and let the boys grab as much candy as they could carry. Too much candy!

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The boys got nifty sunglasses which they are obsessed with. So obsessed that they go to bed with them.

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The candy sat on the counter for a day and then I couldn't handle it anymore so I sent it to work with Sam. He has a candy bowl on his desk for when people come into his office to talk to him. Better than me eating it. I did eat the cotton candy though. That stuff is delicious.

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We came home so the boys could take a short nap and then we loaded up and headed to Joel's birthday party. We met Joel through Williston Toddler Days. His mom, Meagan, is on the committee with me.

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After the party, we went straight to the Hiatt's for dinner and video games. I chatted Olivia's ear off and left feeling loved and happy. She's got skills.

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I love when we get to spend full days together doing new things. Such a good day! But late nights make for early mornings, and we have church at 9am. I felt like I had a teenager when I went in to wake up Alex. I turned on his light and he put on his sunglasses. I'm doomed!

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You rock! We need to have another video game night again very soon... ;)

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