Field Trip! (Emily)

Sam's sister (Anna) was due a couple of days ago and so we were planning on going to Utah this weekend to see the new baby - my first niece! But she hasn't had her baby yet so we called off the trip. Boo hoo. I found out my family is in Park City using a timeshare this weekend so we decided that we would still go home (Utah - wow, when did Utah become my home?) and surprise my family! Well, leaving on Saturday around midnight would have been, according to my sister (Michelle), a poopy trip. While Sunday is a great day, it definitely isn't a party day. [Rewind: Last Sunday I told Sam and that he needed to do something spontaneous for me.] Fast forward: I called Sam today and told him that I informed Michelle we would still be coming but how I was sad that we couldn't be there for longer. [Remember, we didn't even get a honeymoon because Icon Security sucked our lives away.] And guess what he said!!!! "Let's leave tonight." So we are! We are ditching out on a day of work! In fact, the biggest sales day of the week. Unbelievable. I feel like I am sticking it to all of the people who robbed me of my honeymooning happiness. I will still be scheduling over the phone, and a technician has to borrow Sam's car so we'll take my Beetle, but still! VACATION! And we are also planning on going to see Anna's baby (name TBA, but I have been hearing Grace for a long time) in a few weeks! I am so happy.

So shhhh! No one tell my family (or boss)!

This was our last vacation (Christmas).


nicole said...

yay for a vacation! my husband and i along with our two boys just got back home from vacation up north it was great!

i hope you and your husband have a great time!

p.s. i love reading your blogs, i love REAL people!


Ben & Dena said...

yeah! I'm so excited you got to skip out! about time!

Tyler and Thais said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! It will suck you in, but we all will love you for it. :) It seriously is like a freaking cult! And sorry about the honeymoon... ours sucked big time and I regretted getting married for the first good 4 months of marriage. The whole newlywed thing is a bunch of crap! :)

Anonymous said...

omgosh emily you have a blog! fun!

Jen said...

Hello friend. I am glad to see you here and can't wait to read all of the positive, inspiring posts that are to come =).

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