What am I going to do with my life?! (Emily)

For about the millionth time, I took a career test. Last time I took one of these it told me I should have majored in anthropology. This one analyzed me pretty well but did not give any suggestions for what I should do. I am a planner. I love making lists and organizing things. Recently I have decided that I will not go straight to grad school because with two people in school and no strong income we would go bankrupt. So it will be straight to work with me once I graduate. I have long thought about working in corporate development. It is easy for me to find the flaws in things and brainstorm ideas for how to fix it. My problem is that I do not want to focus on company growth, but more on company efficiency. Below are my results on the test. This is kind of cheesy and definitely isn't exact, but if anyone has ideas for what job this describes, please let me know. I need to find an internship for the Fall quickly!

Detail Oriented & Methodical - Your percentile ranki
ng is 90

You'll thrive in a career that lets you bring order out of chaos for yours is a talent for organization. With your eye for detail, your patient mastery of methods, and your poise and self-control, you're the original efficiency expert. Since you appreciate the clarity of rule-based systems, the perfect work for you should involve high standards, clear, unequivocal guidelines, and explicit structures of authority.

Communicative & Empathetic - Your percentile ranking is 40

You need the human connection in your work to feel genuine satisfaction in your career. So, you're a natural for any of the "helping" professions. A career that puts you in a position to display your social skills is a necessity. You also require work that brings not just money but meaning into your life. Care, compassion, and the genuine willingness to serve incline you to positions of social responsibility.

Analytical & Problem-Solving - Your percentile ranking is 20

You never back down from a challenge, and you love the element of growth that learning involves. An ongoing element of newness is essential in your career. You have an open-minded curiosity characteristic of the talented researchers.


Kelly Merrell said...

I took your career test, I am supposed to be in psychology. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

lol i'm afraid to take the career test because it might say that education isn't what i should be doing.

you're still going to be in BYU for a couple more years though right? its going to be depressing without emily there!!!

Randi said...

You can be anything you want to be! I believe in you Emily Merkley!! :)

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