A new sensation (Emily)

Apparently you are not truly a married couple until you have a blog. Although I thought Sam and I had been married for over two months, I was mistaken. I have been informed that you have up to a year of being "married" before it is absolutely crucial to create a blog or be shunned from married society. I figured I should probably get this done before my life becomes too hectic.

Sam and I are living in Highlands Ranch, CO for the summer. It is not everything I hoped for, but it is hard to predict what a job, being a newlywed, and moving to a state I've never lived in before would be like. Overall, it has been a lovely experience (not including the part where I am stressed out so much that I want to kill myself... or someone else). We are working for Icon Security. Sam has installed security systems for four years now and manages the technicians in our office. I am the Branch Manager. Mostly that involves yelling at reps for not doing paperwork right (or at all), yelling at reps for calling me at absurd hours, wondering why the reps cannot sell a dang thing (I figured it out though, it's my fault because I am bringing down their morale with all the yelling), yelling at reps and techs for not fixing their PCRs (service calls), and trying to decide if I want to be nice each day or not. You can probably tell from the last sentence which one of the shoulder angels wins. Yeah, I need to work on that. There isn't really that much yelling though. Not in public at least. This summer is definitely not all bad. There are great things, too! Almost everyone working in our office is married. So I have met the most amazing women in the world. No joke. Although they did brainwash me into getting a blog, they are still such great examples to Sam and me of what a good marriage should be. I love it. Another plus is that a few of them have babies! Real babies! As opposed to fake babies? I am an idiot. Anyway, it is so fun! I was playing in the pool with one of the kids a few days ago and we would spin in circles and I would say, "We're gettin' dizzy!" And then he would say, "Yeah! We're gettin' busy!" I almost died from how cute it was.

Oh yeah, I went golfing today with Sam and called my Papa to tell him (he is from Scotland, and therefore obsessed with golf). He asked me if we rode or walked the course and I said rode. Wrong answer! Little did I know that it is not actually golf if you ride. I will remember that next time as I am lugging that heavy bag around the course. Anybody up for the job of being a caddy?


Randi said...

Emily, you are seriously the funniest girl I've ever met. I don't think you've ever really yelled at anyone here, but then again, I have never been on your bad side enough to get you that mad at me either :).

HAHAHA! Real babies! That is great.

I'll be your caddy, as long as you buy me an ice cream cone afterwards for being a great caddy.


Kelly Merrell said...

Wow, girl. I had no idea you had so much pent up aggression for your job. You deserve to ride in the cart to take a little break.

Jen said...

I LOVE the gettin busy thing. That will be a fun memory forever =).

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