Matthew and Laura's Wedding

Alex went on his very first flight for Matthew's wedding! We left from Syracuse, had a layover in Chicago, and ended in Sacramento. He was so good on all of the flights but he was going crazy in the airports! That is definitely the way I would prefer him to do it. At least in the airport the people can walk away from the screaming baby!

I felt a little bit like a pillow.

It's been a long day.

Grandpa (my dad) meeting Alex for the first time!

Uncle Flannel leaves on his mission in October and this will be the last time he sees Alex for at least two years!

Matthew and Laura coming out of the temple!

The "Whoops" picture.

At the wedding breakfast. My Grandma (Neil) told me that it "looks like you still have a baby in there." Thanks, Grandma. I only have five pounds left before I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but my body has changed and I don't think I can unstretch my skin. Sad, sad day.

Alex discovered himself in the mirror!

Adam is the youngest sibling so he doesn't have a lot of experience with babies but he was so good with Alex!

My beautiful/handsome parents!

My Grandpa and Grandma (Mom's parents). Love them. So much.

My brothers. They are all awesome. Best brothers ever.

Michelle and Sheldon. Michelle is 16 weeks pregnant and still looks amazing!

Matthew wanted to put the cake in her face so badly but they had made a deal that if he didn't put the cake in her face then he could take off the garter any way he wanted.

So Matthew didn't put the cake in her face. Boring...

But he sure did take her up on that "any way you want" part. Now I am traumatized.

They did a waltz! Who does that?! It was so impressive!

Laura's parents, Matthew and Laura, Matthew's parents

My cousin Carlee caught the bouquet! She was jumping over everyone!

Another long day for Alex.

At the airport waiting for our flight home.

Super off topic but I used the restroom in the Sacramento airport. While I was sitting on the toilet, it flushed four times automatically! Then once I stood up it wouldn't flush and I had to push the little button! Ridiculous!

Oh yeah, and welcome to the family, Laura!


Laura said...

Emily, Alex is the most beautiful baby. Seriously, he's gorgeous. Congratulations!

Ben and Dena said...

Grandma Neil is crazy- you look amazing!!!!! It took over a year for me to get to 5 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight! And Alex is super adorable! :)

Newlyweds said...

Wow, Matt is married! YAY for him and his new wife! They look so happy!! Oh and tell your grandpa that I think you look GREAT! And I agree with Laura, Alex is a beautiful baby! I am so happy for you. I still can't believe that 9 months has already come and gone, but I guess time really does fly! :)

Randi said...

How fun Emily! I love all the cute pictures of Alex. He is such an adorable baby. I'm pretty sure I told you already but my little brother just reported to the MTC this past Wednesday. He's going to be there til the end of August bc he has to learn espanol.

I love all the wedding pictures too.

And I hate those automatic toilets. :)

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

Alex is so cute! I love how high up his pants are in that picture with his shirt of. I can't wait to meet our little boy soon. That is hilarious about the automatic toilet. I hate it when that happens.

Lauren said...

Alex is so darling! I just read back on a ton of posts. Loved your birthing story!

Haha...love that they made the cake-in-the-face deal. We had a deal like that...except mine was:

"Ted, if you put cake in my face, you sleep on the couch."

Needless to say, it was effective.

Katie Bear said...

Alex is adorable. And hello Matt... little mr. risque.

Meredith said...

First, Congratulations to Matt and Laura!!!

Second, EMILY!!!!! I LOVE reading your blogs! ha! You are so cute and have such a way to write things and make them funny! I can see you saying some of the stuff you write which makes it more enjoyable! ha!

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