Double Date

I was getting a little depressed about still behind pregnant (two days overdue, 3.26.11). Kristen was so nice and said we should go on a double date! I was so excited to get out of the house. My mom babysat Alex and Canon! We went and saw a movie in the theater (it had been a while and will probably be a while before it happens again). Then we went to dinner at a little place called Northstar House that turned out to be really good. The lady cut off half of Nate's face in the picture; sorry!


I started getting uncomfortable during the movie. My pants felt ridiculously tight and I had the urge to stand up and walk around. When we got home from dinner, I went straight to bed. It was around midnight. Little did I know that the next day would be the big day...


The Paxton Family said...

What! You can't blog a cliffhanger! :-P
FINE I'll just keep waiting I am so excited to see some more pictures of Edison!!!!

Rachel said...

My favorite line of this post is "my pants felt ridiculously tight." That's how I feel all nine months of my pregnancy. There's just nothing comfortable about a growing belly and pants.

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