Happy 2nd Birthday, Mei!

We have been talking about this day for a few months but I am not sad about it being here. Mei is growing up and changing but, despite the seemingly impossible, she keeps getting better. I am crying writing this because she is all good things in one tiny body and it is an example to me of how pouring love into someone can only bring goodness. She gets so much love and she just glows. She is the most joyous toddler I know. Mei can do no wrong. She pooped in the shower tonight and no one was mad about it; we were all cracking up and thought it was perfectly hilarious and adorable.

I usually do not start interviewing the kids until their third birthdays, but Mei speaks very well and so we got started a bit earlier for her.

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Olivia said...

I can’t believe she’s two already and we’ve still never met...

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