Mei's Moments (7 Months)

Weight: 17 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

Mei has changed so much in the last month and we cannot get enough of her around here. She is curious and happy. If I had to pick a word to describe her it would be adorable. Everything she does is perfectly cute and draws a crowd.

She loves squealing, especially very high-pitched squealing.

She found her feet! (3/5)

Beautiful eyes!

Emily: Declan, put down your shirt.
Declan: But it's impressing Mei! 

It looks like Mei took this picture. She needs a selfie stick!

Everyone gather around for the show!

Tummy time is tiring.

But she sits now! I was worried this would never happen! (3/20)

"How do I get this in my mouth?"

Perfect mouth things.

Spring beauty

She gets her crazy hair from Mommy.

She was very interested in reading... and tasting.

I found her sitting up in the stroller like this. She has to be buckled always now.

You missed your mouth, baby.

Sunday sleepies

First food: avocado

Second food: sweet potato

Third and fourth: broccoli and butternut squash (has also had cauliflower and carrots)

First fruit: banana (followed by grapes, mango, and oatmeal)

Want more Mei? She...
...has started getting herself stuck places by rolling in and not being able to roll out.
...rolls onto her stomach if she is not swaddled in bed. But will only sleep on her back. Which means I have to return to roll her to her back, repeatedly.
...is always kicking her legs, especially her left leg. That's how we know she is awake: we can hear her leg beating in her bed. Sam calls her Thumper.
...tries to eat my shoulder when she is hungry.
...has started to chomp while nursing.
...pants like a dog before nursing because she is so excited.
...recognizes her own name. It is adorable to see her turn around when I say her name.
...babbles and drools constantly.
...does not sleep through the night anymore. Parents are so sleepy. Her weight gain has gone down as well and I worry she is not getting enough food. She only nurses five or six times a day and they vary in length from five to 25 minutes.

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