Bella Band

Image from here.

I am not sure why no one told me about the Bella Band earlier so I figured I would inform any pregnant friends who read this! I put my regular jeans back on and I was thrilled about it all day! It is just a stretchy piece of fabric that covers up that your pants are unbuttoned and keeps them up! It is really comfortable, too!

They sell them at Target (Be Band Maternity Band) for $17.


Kelly Merrell said...

Dude, that thing saved me several months of maternity clothes. Sorry I didn't inform you. How are you feeling?

The Paxton Family said...

HA! I totally forgot about that! Glad it worked out for you :-)
Look at all those darn cute pregnant women in the picture :-P I want the real, fat sweaty unhappy pregnant women in an ad someday!
Maybe that's just me!

Noelle said...

That thing is awesome. I've never heard of it, what a money saver, I'll have to remember it for someday when I have a baby.

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