Sam's birthday weekend

Sam's sister's family lives in Columbus so we went to stay with them the weekend of Sam's birthday.
We played at a reservoir that I forgot to take a picture of until we were leaving.

He has been asking for a baseball bat for every birthday and Christmas since I have known him. He was so happy to finally get one! He warned me that it would be sleeping with us for the first few nights but I didn't let that happen.

Sam is obsessed with the Utah Jazz.

Sam's birthday also fell on Father's Day so I gave him a present for the baby too!

He is half of 56...

Stephen loved eating Sam's new hammer.

After he opened presents, he attacked Nora and Andrew.

Showing off all of his presents.

When we got home from Columbus, we had his technicians over for some ice cream cake. Yum!


The Paxton Family said...

Sign me up for the next ice cream cake :-)
Glad you finally got caught up.
And just so you know I DO miss the Tuesday Thyme.

Randi said...

I totally forgot about those awesome green, plaid shorts. Happy belated birthday Sam!! Emily you look like such a cute pregnant lady!!!

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