O Little Town of Skaneateles

We went with a few friends from Sam's program to a small town called Skaneateles. Each year, the residents dress up as characters from Dickens' A Christmas Carol and have activities. It was fun but extremely cold and we were not prepared for it. This was Alex's first experience with snow and he did not seem too happy about it.

Here we are.

Meeting Father Christmas.

The whole family with Father Christmas.

They came up to Sam and told him he did not look happy enough and they made him sing "Jingle Bells."

Before he was completely frozen.

On the 30 second carriage ride.

Waiting for the magic show to begin.

So cold! Look at those cheeks!

Most of the group.

The winter has very much arrived. I am not very good at dressing appropriately for weather and now I have to dress myself and a wee one. I am getting better, but I failed the day we went to Skaneateles. It was such a cute little town and we look forward to going again next year when Alex will appreciate it a little more.

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The Paxton Family said...

Alex has the cutest little dimples!
Just thought you should know :-)

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