Thanksgiving in Arizona

We had a very eventful Thanksgiving break in Arizona. Below are some of the things we did!

We went golfing on Thanksgiving morning.

It took a while to figure out who would be in each group.

Sam was waiting patiently.

All the golfers (except me because I took the picture).

Sam and Alex waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sherliene, Grandma, and Laura

David, Adam, Stuart (cousin), and Jared

The 'dult table.

The kiddos and Laura.

The cool people (my table).

Matthew and Laura taking a nap on the couch. Looks comfy.

Wee Alex and Papa.

Matthew sat right in front of a decoration on the wall and it looked silly.

We threw sawdust into a fire.

We went to Native with Michelle and Katie.

Alex meeting Katie.

Alex learned how to rap.

Early morning at Starbucks with Danielle.

Alex wanted some Starbucks too.

Del Taco. Of course. How could I not?

We went shopping.

Sam and Alex got worn out.

The baby Michelle is growing got some presents.

Alex, Sam, Grandma, and Papa

Alex, Jared, and Adam

We went to Bahama Bucks.

And Matthew got a massive one.

Jared built his toothpick bridge for Physics. See Flannel's here.

I had a wonderful time in Arizona and the weather was beautiful. It was quite a shock to come back to Ithaca. I think I overdressed Alex every day we were in Mesa. I loved spending time with the family and playing countless games of Uno with my little brothers.


Randi said...

Sounds like way too much fun and very eventful! Haha, I love it. You have such a cool family. I'm definitely sad we're not on that side of town so we could have seen each other. :( But next time, next time.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

How come we didn't get together to show off our baby boys?? So sad...

I'm glad you had fun though!

Roo said...

looks like a great thanksgiving! PS I LOVE Del Taco

Roo said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving.
PS I LOVE Del Taco.

Jonathan said...

I've sooo been golfing there, and now I'm really craving Bahama Bucks!

danielle said...

My two thoughts were as follows.

1. "A coffee shop and a bar. Awesome." (In my head native is a bar. don't ask.)

and 2. "Wow, I really hate my bangs."

It was so good to see you and your fam! I will write soon soon soon. I am just in the midst of insane finals. But it is for sure on the to do list.

The Macks said...

Alex still fits my outfit I gave him! YAY!

Thais said...

We have Bahama Bucks in our city! You should move here. :)

Holly Janeen said...

1. i am glad you had a good time.
2. now you got me officially psyched for my mesa trip.
3. how did i leave off Bahama Bucks from my "must visit" list? thanks for the reminder.

Camille Elise said...

Thanksgiving in AZ = AWESOME! So glad I could visit you even if it was just for 4.5 seconds.

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