Flannel is my brother

Flannel is the one on the right.

So I have the coolest siblings ever. Nathanael (I call him Flannel) is a senior in high school and he is taking a physics class right now. They were assigned to make a bridge out of toothpicks and glue only and it had to hold 135 newtons of force (so about 30 pounds).

This is Flannel's bridge from the top.

This is Flannel's bridge from the side.

His bridge weighed 20 grams and held all 30 pounds. It was the lightest bridge the teacher had ever seen hold all the weight and it was 10 grams lighter than the second place bridge. Good job, Flannel!


Camille said...

I really liked physics, but completely failed that challenge. I'm such a loser.

Holly Janeen said...

admitted: you have a dang cool family.

admitted: your brother made a pimp bridge... that is, if bridges can be considered pimp.

Chris and Andrea said...

I can't believe that he is already a senior in Highschool!! I loved physics class with Mr Woods. I have great memories of Rachael during that time. Questionon the Mrs Dash- Are all those equal parts of spices used?

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