Run, Run, Dead

Two and a half weeks ago I registered for a 5K. Dumb? Yes. Sam's family is full of runners. Sam has done two marathons, his dad has done six-ish, his sister has done three, and I have done zero. I don't run.
On the way to the race.

At the starting line.

The run was on Saturday. It was a Santa Run so they gave us (more like we bought) a hat, shirt, and beard. I wore them while I walked. That's right. Walked. Sam stayed with me. We probably ran about a mile throughout the 5K but that was twenty seconds at a time. All of my saliva started tasting like blood and it was freezing! It was pretty miserable. I deserved it though. I should have trained. Or warmed up. Or something.
After we finished.

On our way to dinner.

The fam-damily.

Cute family (Grace, Anna, and Spencer)


Thais said...

Why oh WHY! would you ever do that to yourself!???

Randi said...

That is cool that you signed up for one. At least you finished. I love that you are wearing a Santa hat and beard... hahaha.. that is fantastic.

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha! That's hilarious!

Holly Janeen said...

well that looks like a stinkin cool thing to do! some people have ALL the fun in the world...

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