Grateful and Stuff

Almost ready to eat.

Grace and Sam.


That's us.

Carving the turkey.

We used all of the pieces!

On Friday we went to the Bountiful temple. It was beautiful, inside and out. We figured since we almost got married there, I should probably go once before we moved away from Utah.

That was our Thanksgiving Break. Yay!


Randi said...

That table looks beautiful!! I love Thanksgiving. When are you coming to AZ for Christmas?!! I'm so excited!!

Lauren said...

That table looks pretty...and that turkey looks yummy!

I still have only done one temple session. I am a horrible person.

Holly Janeen said...

we did the friday temple thing, too. totally dig it. who says you have to wear BLack On Black friday? why not wear WHITE :)
looks way fun and super cute. love the pictures!!

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