10 Things the Winter has Retaught Me

1. Snow is like poison ivy. It is pretty, but it will make you really uncomfortable very quickly.

2. To put my gloves on before I leave the classroom. If I wait, my hands immediately freeze and then I am too cold to put them on. Ditto on the ear muffs.

3. Favorite shoes cannot be worn year-round. Even if they are cute and comfortable.

4. No one knows how to drive in snow. Don't believe them if they tell you otherwise.

5. It looks like normal sidewalk? Wrong! It's ice. Now I am on my butt. And I will laugh.

6. Everyone falls at least once. If I feel embarrassed, I must stop. Everyone around me has felt the pain. Literally.

7. Washing cold hands in hot water is a bad idea. Perhaps the worst I have ever had (since the last time I did it at least).

8. It is safer to walk in a foot of snow than on a seemingly clear sidewalk.

9. How to walk like I have a really low self-esteem: eyes down, body slumped over. It helps, believe me.

10. Cold to husbands = cuddling, smothering, arm rested across my throat, and other such claustrophobic acts while I am trying to get my beauty sleep. Cold to wives = hot chocolate, socks, and blankets.


Holly Janeen said...

hah! i especially love number 10... i thought i was all alone on that one, and now i feel MUCH better :)

Catherine Glad said...

So funny and so true!! I am so done with the cold/winter already! Again, why do we live in Utah?

Casey said...

Really? Is it the Mexican Riviera?? What cruise line? AWESOME!!

Jen said...

Perfectly said. And might I add that it has taught ME to really get a move on with convincing Kev why we MUST live somewhere withOUT snow!!!! =)

Casey said...

Our cruise line is Holland America. I've never heard of either of ours. haha. But yeah ours is Mexican Riviera too. How long is yours?

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