Church Overtime

The seconds count down to the end of an exciting soccer, hockey, football, basketball game. Your team is just a few points behind and in the last seconds a shot/play is made. It is now a tied game, forcing the teams into overtime.

You now get to enjoy a few more minutes of this game; your team gets another chance to win!

It doesn't matter how long a game takes if you really care about the team. It doesn't matter how long Tiger takes to set up because all that matters is if that putt goes in. It doesn't matter how many practice swings Big Papi takes because he just needs to get a base hit.

Then you go to church. The speaker goes three minutes over, that one last person goes up to bear his/her testimony and gets a little teary, the relief society instructor ends right on the hour and you still have to sing and pray. And what happens? Shifting in seats, looks at the clock, cell phones getting pulled out of purses, and papers being shuffled.

We can spend two hours watching a movie and yet only go to the temple once a month, if even that.

There is something better to do, right? Something better than Christ. Better than learning. Better than being where we should be.

We have decided to only give three hours, once a week. Not three hours and five minutes. We weren't able to get there on time, but it doesn't matter because church should be over and it is time to go. Right now. Time is up. We have to go.

We can get through a favorite book multiple times a year, and yet the Book of Mormon gets finished once a year, or once every other year.

I am not innocent of this either but I encourage you to think about your priorities. Are you on the winning or losing team?

Will it be okay with you if church goes into overtime?


Thais said...

Why the guilt post!?? WHY!?? :-)

I have to admit I really don't like when anything goes overtime. Whenever Tyler's watching a game I want to cry when anything goes overtime. Sometimes at church I notice we're going over, sometimes I don't.

It all depends on who's speaking and what they're speaking about. And whether or not there are bratty kids running havoc in the chapel.

I go to the temple every week. lol But I have mentioned to Tyler that we hardly ever go together, but I sure plan enough of other activities for us to do.

And I SUCK at reading the BOM. but I read all my ensigns. Does that count? :D

Thais said...

I do work at the temple, but as a worker I'm performing ordinances. Not doing them, so I feel like I should make the time to do some at least once a month. :-D

And no comment on icing mess? Really? :D

Thais said...

I liked it!!! See all the smiley faces. Did I need to add more? Ok.
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I think it's bc u've never talked to me. If you had u'd get the WHy drama. :-D


I love you Emily!! Keep blogging. Please. Why would it ever make your life worse??

Camille said...

I click on your blog, expecting to read a nice post that will make me laugh, and instead I get a guilt trip...

Ho hum. You're right of course. I just don't like admitting it.

Thanks for the reminder. : )

Holly Janeen said...

i think this is an excellent comparison :) i have never really thought of any of it exactly like this, but its a great point :)
in fact, i think i am gonna read it to my husband... it just might CLICK in his head better this way :)

thanks for your thoughts... i always enjoy them- be they spiritual, funny, informative, or random - keep it comin'!!

Lauren said...

Ahhh the guilt! I still haven't gone to the temple. Because I am a bum. But I am not too upset about it. My former stake president said, "Some people feel like going once a week isn't enough, some thing once a month is just great, and others think every 3 months is too much. Just go when you feel it is right for you." I love that quote. We shouldn't feel guilted into the church. I read my scriptures, so I can justify reading for as long as I want of a novel I like.

And pretty much anything that runs over makes me antsy. I hate when things don't get over early...or end on time.

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