Our first date

We went on our first date exactly two years ago. It was two days before final exams. Yes, we are crazy. This is what I wrote in my journal after that date:

"So there is a guy in my ward that I think I may like. His name is Sam Merkley. He took me on a date and we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Center Street Theater. Then he came over and we stayed up until 4am [we played ping pong, Boggle, and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events]."

Please disregard 4am. That is, uh, not something that needs to be reported to the Honor Code Office. Moving on.

It was a great date but Sam makes sure to take me on dates all the time. He sells his plasma twice a week so that he will have cash for dates. I love it and I am grateful for everything he does for me.Ben, Kaitlyn, and Sam (I'm taking the picture) at 1:30 in the morning a few days before our first date.

Emily and I had been flirting quite a bit prior to the first date, but I was actually kind of coerced into taking her out that first time. A friend of mine really wanted to take her roommate/cousin Justine out, but she wanted to go on a double date, so he called me and begged me to ask Emily out. He asked me on a Friday to ask her out for the next day. That kind of went against my standard of always allowing at least two days between asking for a date and the actual day of the date, but what can you do?

[Side note: I had been planning on asking Emily out, but because finals week was starting, I wasn't going to do it until after the Christmas break. You know how single guys always procrastinate asking girls out? Yeah, I was one of those guys.]

Anyway, I asked her out, and as was usual of 2 years ago Sam, I was nervous for the date, and convinced that she was going to leave the date bored and sick of me. Well, it didn't turn out that way at all. I may or may not have put my arm around her during the play, which was awesome! :-) And I was amazed at how well we were able to get along and talk to each other despite our age difference.


Holly Janeen said...

this is the sweetest entry ever! so cute :)
age difference? is it really that big?
how CLASSY to go to a play for your first date... way better than a movie :)
now i feel all girly happy inside. it makes me wanna reminisce about my dating of Jeff. thanks for sharing!

ps. my baby Jesus was made of gum and a smarty for the head :) i just chewed up some gum, wrapped it around half of a lollipop stick, and then used a smarty for the head and painted his face with food coloring :) yay! thanks for asking!

Camille Elise said...

Wow. Such different accounts of "the first date". Both adorable! P.S...Emily-I'm confused about your comment on my blog...to what part of the post were you referring??

Camille said...

Cute. I could never get Kyle to write on my blog. He must hate me.

Coach B. said...

That's so neat to be able to look back at the day you met...not what really went on @ 4:ooam? Like my momma says, "Nothing good happens past midnight!"

Shauna said...

ok i totally went on a date to beauty and the beast on center street two years ago. The guy i was dating at the time had to see a play for a class...and it was the only one we could make...and it was terrible.

maybe we were white trash and madeout in the back row for most of it?? i really hope you werent there cause thats terribly embarrasing.

now the whole internet knows im white trash.

Kevin Tame said...

You are welcome!

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