Catch Up

I am really far behind on posting about what we have done so here we go...

Internship Open House (December 10th)

Meeting Tyler and Thais! (December 18th)

I felt like we were on a date... so I proposed.

Merkley family Christmas party (December 20th)

We drove to Mesa on December 21st. I didn't bring a warm jacket but Mesa was actually cold so Adam (11 years old) let me borrow his. (Ignore my hair.)

We went to Amazing Jake's and stayed for 10 hours! (December 23rd)

A new tradition! We all pull down our stockings on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve at my Neil grandparents' house!
Driving to my grandparents' house. Sam, Adam, Emily.

My parents' Christmas tree.

My newly engaged cousin Makenzie and her fiance Chris.

These old farts didn't do the Nativity.

Christmas morning!
Waiting to go out.
Sheldon got Michelle a huge gun! I cannot remember what it is right now.
Sam has had this wallet for at least six years. I finally got him a new one and he threw the old one away!

Family activity. It was freezing! (December 26th)

Today we drove to Las Vegas for Kayla's wedding. The Hoover Dam was backed up for two hours!

I hope you enjoyed catching up!


Thais said...

WOOT! I'm on here!

We're going home tomorrow! I'll need to do several Utah trip posts.

Can you believe I have been sick the entire stinking trip!??? I have gotten worse. Now I need to go to the stupid doctor in TX and get me some antibiotics because I have bronchitis and can't breathe, or sleep. Lovely! Tyler owes me sooo bad.

Glad you're having fun in AZ! Can you make a detour to Texas? ;-)

Anna said...

Hooray for Grace with Grandma and Grandpa!

Holly Janeen said...

note... never give michelle a gun.
that is the scariest picture ever and i will have nightmares FOR LIFE.

and my favorite part of this blog entry? the picture of michelle, her husband, and sam doing nothing and you saying, "the old farts that did not participate"
lame people!! :)
so funny.

anyways, looks like a blast... no wonder you didnt have time for bloggin- you were livin it up!! :)

Geneva said...

Hey what is your address so I can send you a New Years card? E-mail me at geevz65(at)gmail.com

Bryan and Ellie said...

Nothing says "Peace on Earth" like a round of target practice. :)

We missed you guys over the holidays!


Camille Elise said...

Wow. That's awesome!!! I didn't get to see you and I didn't know MacKenzie was engaged. Not that I'm real close with her. It's just new news to me. Good to see y'all had a good Christmas!

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