Wish Lists

Sam always wants 5 million things and he never gets them but these are our Christmas wish lists.

  • wallet
  • brown watch
  • detachable hard drive
  • Rock Band
  • X-Box 360
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD
  • a good book
  • striped shirt and tie combo
  • Guitar Hero 3
  • trip to China
  • Samsung Omnia
  • better internet
  • perfect score on GRE
  • Betty Crocker cookbook
  • Luggage
  • Aladdin DVD
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • library card to read Twilight (I don't want to buy it because I will probably only read it once)


Holly Janeen said...

i am contemplating whether or not to put my enormous wish list on my blog or not...
but yours sure is great :)

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha, Don't waste your time with the twilight, blah! Just wait for the movie, it's better anyways. We are going to do a game night sometime, would you two like to come?

Lauren said...

Emily...you haven't read Twilight? No, seriously, you haven't? I will buy you a copy. It's 6 bones.

Thais said...

you're so not high maintenance! Look at all your stuff!It's all affordable! Nuts I tell ya!

Anna said...

Sam, I think you ask for a shirt and tie combo every Christmas. :0)

Geneva said...

If you may actually get guitar hero or rockband for your sweetie, have su madre pick it up at AZ Mills. Virgin megastore is going out of business and we got them half off. but now we are trying really hard not to open them until christmas.

Jason & Shannon said...

If you get an xbox 360 you have to get guitar hero, or rock band, or both. I seriously play it more than Jason does, and it is so much fun!!!!! I also wish for better internet, the stuff here is horrible. I love cookbooks, but pretty much only for the desserts, hehe.

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