Officially an adult

About a month before my 21st birthday, we tried to attend a birthday party that we thought was at a restaurant. I looked it up beforehand just to make sure that it would be a family-friendly environment and it looked fine. We showed up and it turned out that it was a bar. And they were ID'ing. I thought it was funny that Alex could have gone in just fine but I, a lowly 20 year old, was turned away. Sam stayed and Alex and I went home.

Well just last week at the grocery store, I bought a lighter (I have not taken up smoking). The cashier kind of laughed because the computer kept beeping at him to ask me for my ID and he considered it a ridiculous product to ID for. When he told me he needed my ID, I was so happy and gladly showed it to him. I looked at Sam and we were both grinning, knowing what a monumental moment it was. I almost took a picture with the cashier but I decided he had been sufficiently attacked after my minute of rambunctious celebrating over the occasion.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I have yet to use my ID for that.
Once i was excited to use it, when we went to Dave and Busters, but they didn't ask for it.

ames said...

welcome, emily, welcome. the waters fine

Randi said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious.

Geevz said...

One time I invited a bunch of the people in my masters program to go out. They totally chose a brewery to go to and I freaked because I was only 20. Here I was organizing it and the fact that I was 10-40 years (seriously, Don 65) younger than everyone was about to become common knowledge. Thankfully, it was a restaurant :)

You definitely weren't the only one. Welcome to adulthood all the same.

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