Summer Adventures (Emily)

I guess it is time to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves this summer. We did not do everything as much as we wanted and some things we did not get to at all but I will include pictures of some of the things we did.

1. Rockies game
The game we went to was D-Backs vs. Rockies. Yes, I wore a Diamondbacks shirt. And it is purple and turquoise which shows you how long I have been a fan! Back then they left the "iamond" in their name. Who decided that D-Backs was cooler than Diamondbacks? Lazy people, that's who. Sam wore a Red Sox hat... notice the fading? We are both strong supporters of our teams and got some awesome looks from Rockies fans.

2. Elitch Gardens
Elitch Gardens was closed the last two weeks I was in Denver so we went bowling (twice) instead! It was very fun! After Sam threw this ball he tried to justify his gutter balls by saying that the lane wasn't "catching" the ball. Riiiiight...

3. skydiving
We never did this. So sad. Hopefully we will do it sometime in the near future. This is a picture of when I went skydiving with my friend Whitni Jo after our first year in college. Our hair was crazy!

4. go to the pool at least 3 times a week
Neither of us wanted to have a picture taken in our swimsuits. This is a picture of our beautiful pool.

5. run 3 times a week

This is Sam running...

and me pretending to run.

6. play catch once a week
Although I played softball all growing up, I have not played for a long time! My arm was getting sore! And Sam was making fun of me. How rude!

7. read more books

8. plan our honeymoon
On December 28th, Sam and I will be going on a cruise! The ports are Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. This will be my first cruise and Sam's fourth. I am so excited! Happy New Year!

9. get a job for the Fall

I got an internship with Icon Security (which is where I worked the past two summers and also where Sam has worked for the past four years). I will be working on company efficiency and I am very excited! I actually feel like I can make a difference... I hope.

10. go to the temple once a week
The Denver Temple is very small but very beautiful. It is awesome because on rainy nights the lights from the temple glow in an amazing way. It makes me happy.

11. go golfing 3 more times
We did not do very well on this one either! We only went golfing twice all summer and I didn't take pictures! But honestly, who takes their camera on a golf course? The golf etiquette crazies would come hit you with their nine iron. This is a picture of me before the first time I ever went golfing (except for the times in Scotland where I threw and kicked the ball around the 18 holes... those times don't count).

12. Garden of the Gods
13. try to wake up before noon
We are not really sleeping here but you get the idea.

14. stop leaving clothes in the washer
Most of our clothes still smell like mildew!

15. go on walks late at nightSam acting homeless on one of our walks. His beard is huge. I wonder when we are going to get rid of that thing.


Kelly Merrell said...

Yeah! New post! Love all of your pics. It really was a fun summer! I'm so glad you were here this weekend!

Kristine L. said...

Pregnancy books huh? Do you have something to announce on your blog miss?

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

great to see you again! Take lots of pictures when you do cut off that beard because i want to see them!!!!!

Lindsey Burnham said...

Haha! I love it! So adventurous!

collette crew said...

emily- first, I love the picture of you at elitch gardens...so beautiful. second, you do have pregnancy book listed... is there something I should know and missed the memo? third (about the learning post) I am with you on the saying stupid things in front of smart/popular/ intimidating people. and then I agonize over it for days. this year has been my year to get over it... and I have made such improvements, but I have a ways to go. you're not alone. hope you are great! we miss you all.

Jen said...

So, question......did you like the Fountain Head? I read Atlas Shrugged and enjoyed it. Should I read this one too????? I LIVE off of recommendations when it comes to books. I've tried to pick at random and only get either disappointed or it's REALLY inappropriate, and I do NOT get offended easily by books. I am sometimes TOO desensitized for my own good.

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