Spelling Bee (Emily)

I cannot spell my name. It is true. Growing up, I would sign my name over and over and I think it looked very pretty from all of that practice. Then I met Sam and he threw off my groove! I now have a new last name. Which contains my least favorite cursive letters (r and k)! This problem does not just come from handwriting my name but also from typing it. It ends up being Merkly, Merklty. Merkely, Merkleu, or Merkleyr. What is that?! Unbelievable! Now I am probably going to be stalked because I just told everyone my name. Awesome.


Geneva said...

weird, I think it just sent my comment. I was typing, "I understand" and it just went boom. Anyways, I totally understand. I really hate the capital A in cursive. I had such a pretty Geneva Castillo, but I don't think you can make Anderson look pretty enough.

Nancy Face said...

If your handwriting were as illegible as mine, it wouldn't matter how you spelled your name! ;)

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