Ready. Go. (Emily)

Dear Sam and Emily,
Welcome to our ward, now will you please do everything...
Your Ward Bishopric

Sam and I are in a new ward. No more substitute Sunday School teaching for me.

This will be me now...(Sacrament Meeting chorister)

Sam does not have a calling yet because he is still traveling back and forth between Colorado and Utah.

This will be Sam and me this Saturday and Sunday...
(trying to stay awake during General Conference)

And this will be Sam and me the following Sunday...
(speaking in Sacrament Meeting).

They wasted no time. We sure do feel... welcomed. I am actually excited for all of these things (just very nervous).


Jen said...

I love all of these images that you find!!!! I hear you on the whole subbing thing. That's my calling and I love primary but holy cow, since I was called over a month ago I have been teaching every week!!!!!


haha. so glad to see you're a blogger emily! ..i'll have to stay tuned. :) yeah super funny images.

Thais said...

Sounds like a fun ward. I hope they stay committed to making you feel welcome and not just do it for the first few weeks and then drop you out of the face of the planet later just because you don't have kids. Oh wait... that was my ward. ;-)

Anyway... I think it'd be awesome to get together. We'll be there Dec 18-28. When do you guys go to AZ?

Danielle said...

HeHe... You make me laugh!

And Icon is a huge mess... They thought it would be fun not to pay me for my last week of work as well as another week... It's been quite the battle to get paid, but I think it's getting resolved.

How are you liking being back at Icon?

Britt said...

You are going to be great!!!!! And NO I am not trying to avoid you- I am in California for a little while. I'll call you when I get back. :) I live right by you and run by your complex frequently!

Nancy Face said...

Do they make you dress like that to lead the music? ;)

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