Icon Security's Technician Banquet

Sam has installed security systems for Icon Security for four years. Tonight was the tech banquet and he did really well for himself! Last year he got a 32" flat screen HDtv, a backpack, and an iPod nano. This year he was the top lead tech and overall top technician in the company (he has installed 313 security systems in the past 5 1/2 months) and he received a 17" HP laptop, another backpack, and an iPod. They appreciated the wives by giving us lotion! Woo hoo!
A tech said to me as we were leaving, "Emily, did the lotion make it worth not seeing your husband for five months?" Nope, but the laptop did. Apparently I am shallow. We almost bought a laptop about two months ago and we (mostly me) decided against it because they are expensive! Sam also received an extremely scary t-shirt and a large amount of candy which was left on the table and we (me) decided it should be stuffed into the backpack. I am a shallow thief.
Last year's backpack (left) vs. this year's backpack (right).

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Ben and Dena said...

WOohooo!!! That is awesome! I'm excited for you guys! Way to go! Hey, I tagged you, check out my blog for details

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