The power of advertising (Emily)

I love Subway. Love. It is my most favorite semi-fast food place. However, I loathe the "$5 footlong" song. Sam knows this. My favorite television show is Law and Order: SVU. Sam hates the theme music that is played during the title sequence on this show. Luckily, I know that. He started singing "Five, five, five dollar footlong..." and I started singing "nah nah nah nahhhh nahhhh nah nah nah nah nah [get the idea?]" and pretty soon we are scream-singing these songs. For about a minute. As loud as we can. Trying to overpower each other. I love having someone who doesn't think I am absolutely insane. Actually, he does think I am insane. But at least he thinks it is cute.

If you would like to hear the real Law and Order theme music, click here. When I was looking for and playing that clip, Sam started screaming "FIVE, FIVE, FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG." Told you so.


Jason & Shannon said...

Haha. I love Law and order SVU, and I hate those stupid subway commercials! Haha, It was nice finally meeting you in church today!

Nancy Face said...

I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall and hearing the scream-singing...unless I got swatted.

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