Edible Arrangements (Emily)

I made my own version of Edible Arrangements!

Things I would change if I made this again:
1. Not push the toothpicks completely through the grapes.
2. Find a vase that gets wider at the top so the fruit can be more spread out.
3. Maybe try putting the pineapple flowers on standing up. It would leave more room for the rest of the fruit.
4. Drop the oranges and add kiwi.
5. Dip some of the strawberries in chocolate.
6. Use different lengths of sticks. The perfect vase is necessary to make this work though.

Things I advise you to do:
1. It takes forever to cut out the pineapple with a paring knife and some of them do not look very uniform. Maybe get a cookie cutter.
2. Plan before you begin. Decide how much of each fruit you need and how much you want to use of each different fruit. Start with the fruit that won't dry out.
3. Use fruit that tastes good and also looks good.
4. Put the pointy ends of the sticks at the bottom of the vase. It's hard to tell how far the fruit it going through the strawberries and you don't want anyone to die (or maybe you do).
5. Look at the pictures at the link above. They are definitely amazing. I was so proud of myself for doing it on my own though. Good luck!


Randi said...

Wow, that's awesome. I'm totally going to try it. Thanks for the tips.

PS- My mouth was definitely watering by the end of this post. I must go eat some fruit pronto!

Jason & Shannon said...

You can also cut a little slit in the strawberry and put mini marshmallows in there. Sooo YUM! Your arrangement looks great!

Nancy Face said...


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