Are you still talking? (Emily)

Kids say the darndest things. And adults say the dumbest.

Today in one of my psychology classes, a guy said, "Some people never get immunized. They are idiots!" Thank you for telling me that I am an idiot. I have only been to the doctor twice in my entire life and have never been to a hospital for myself. I am an utterly foolish person in most aspects of my life, but not getting
immunized?! Please stop forcing your morals on me.

Also related to people talking before thinking, I have come up with a few examples of things that people say that make me cringe. I think it is okay to say these things
sometimes! However, it is absolutely not necessary to excessively repeat these phrases.

Beginning a statement in any of the following ways causes me to believe that you are lame:

"I'm not gonna lie..." Wait, so are you saying that every other time you say something that does not begin with this phrase, I can assume that you are lying? For some reason this sentence is used as a prelude to what the person believes is an epiphany. Get to the point already. I don't need this phrase to "get me interested." If anything, it will do the opposite.

"I have a question" [while raising hand]. What else does raising your hand mean? I have also heard people say, "I have a comment." So say it! We do not need an explanation of what you are about to do! I am betting the whole class could gather from your first few words if you had a question or a comment. Examples: "I think..." or "What is..." So just spit it out already.

3. "To tell you the truth..." (see number one).

4. "Don't take this the wrong way..." Oh great, now you are going to say something really offensive. Thanks for warning me.

5. "Not to be rude..." but you are the ugliest person I have ever seen in my life. Wow! That would have been really rude but because you were considerate enough to state that you were not trying to be rude, I am okay with what you said. Thanks for looking out for my feelings! So kind.

"Realistically..." After someone says this word, I know that they are about to extremely exaggerate something. During this summer, I noticed that this is a sales rep favorite. By the end of the summer I could not hold in my laughter. Every time someone said "realistically" I would just laugh. I think this is their way of optimistically lying to themselves and others.

So there is my rant of the day. Other than that, life is great.


Jen said...

Oh dear....I just might say these too much =). Not that it's what I am really trying to imply but I think that they have become things that we just say, does that make sense? Here I go again trying to construct MY sentences for YOU!!!!! =) That's funny. There were phrases in Russian too that they would use ALL the time but meant NoThInG!!! Like nichivo sebya. It means "nothing to myself" but implies "really???". How weird is that??

Nancy Face said...

I admit it! I like using phrase #1 (but mostly in blog posts)! :P

Camille Elise said...

I love love love this post...It's soo funny. I recently read someone else's blog who talked about immunizations and how someone was trying to convince them that they needed them...

Funny. Definitely agree with the "sayings" but on the guilty side...I say them all the time without thinking about what I'm really saying. So-cuff me and send me to jail cause i'm guilty as charged...or not, you didn't charge me...but, oh well. Honestly.....

lindser-lou said...

Emily!!! hello my dear! how fun that you found me on here! it looks like you are doing great and i cant wait to add you to my sidebar so i can check up on you often. stop in and say hi!

Danielle said...

These are so true! Especially when it comes to sales reps. Way too funny.

And by the way, I tagged you on my blog. I had a lot of fun thinking of interesting facts, and hope you enjoy it too!

Randi said...

Haha... that's awesome. I agree even if I find myself falling into the trap of saying these same phrases every now and then.

Ben and Dena said...

I'm not gonna lie, Emily. To tell you the truth, not to be rude or anything, realistically, don't take this the wrong way, but I use these phrases all the time, so don't you EVER try to tell me how to live my life!
-Rico, "Hot Rod"

JK! This is Ben, I just thought it would be super funny- how are you guys?

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