What is that? (Emily)

Sam says the most ridiculous things when he is falling asleep. I have learned to expect to hear things like "Did you kill all the bugs?" during that time. I am going to start writing down the things he says so you can all have a good laugh like I always do.

His incoherent statements have only occurred while he is half asleep/half awake. That is, until today. While completely awake, he called this

a banana strap. Why would that be called a banana strap? Very clearly, the strap is more the shape of spaghetti than it is of a banana.

It's okay, Sam. You can call it a banana strap if you want. I will just tease you about it for as long as I can. muah!

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Kevin Tame said...

I think a man's only association with spaghetti string items is with the male thong. AKA "Banana" Hammock. I can completely understand Sam's mistake.

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