Utah is death (Emily)

We have officially moved home from Colorado. We have gone from this:
to this:

(Yes, that is the temperature INSIDE our apartment - 60 degrees.)


Randi said...

I am jealous. I love cold weather, but then again, I have never lived a whole winter in anyplace but Arizona.

Anonymous said...

I didn't call you a blog stalker. You said you FEEL like a stalker, and I said I LIKE stalkers...so if you feel like one, it's not big deal. Of course I know who you are, silly. I am thrilled that you found my blog, and I like hearing about other newlyweds who don't have kids yet. I feel bonded.

Nancy Face said...

I'm a wuss who hates being cold! :0

Anonymous said...

aaaahhh emily i totally know what you mean...its freezing out here lol

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