Happy birthday to me! (Emily)

Yesterday was my 20th birthday. It is crazy to believe that I am no longer a teenager. That's all I've known for the last, well, 7 years. Anyway, it was a great birthday! Below is what my birthday consisted of:

Sleep - 8 hours
Getting ready/Driving to class - 1 hour
Class - 1 hour
Studying for my test - 5 hours
Taking my test - 1 hour
Getting home and being surprised by Sam - 1 hour
Driving to Park City - 1 hour
Looking around the hotel and seeing Park City - 1 hour
Dinner - 1 hour
Watching a movie - 2 hours
Trying to find a place that sold microwave popcorn, getting lost, getting angry with cops, and going the wrong way on one way streets - 30 minutes
Miscellaneous - 1 hour 30 minutes

The surprise by Sam looked like this:

He shaved! I was so happy! (And for those of you who knew that I said I wouldn't shave my legs until he shaved his face, I have since shaved my legs.) I became one year older yesterday and he lost 10 years by shaving.

Dinner was really good. We went to a cute Italian restaurant called Cisero's on Main Street in Park City. Sam ordered swordfish! It was insane. We expected it to look like this

But it looked more like this

It was a really good day. Sam is such a sweetheart. I told him that he shouldn't have spent so much of my money on my birthday (we have this joke where we always say we are spending each other's money... we have joint bank accounts). Well, he said that I only turn twenty once. But I only turn each age once. We will be bankrupt if we do things like this every year. It was a nice break from school though. Twenty-one credit hours and an internship = not fun. A night with Sam without my lists and backpack and textbooks = very fun!


Thais said...

Yay! Happy belated birthday!!!

I'm glad Sam was sweet enough to take you out and about. Tyler and I plan on spending a day in Park City and looking around when we're there. BTW are we going to be able to get together?

Thais said...

We'll get there on the 18th at 2:15pm. Maybe we could go out to dinner that day?

Jason & Shannon said...

Happy late birthday!

Geneva said...

Oh Emily dear, sometimes I think you are leading my life in another dimension. I too was married at 19, and took 21 credits a semester along with an internship. It is ridiculously crazy and hard and you just want to cry half the time, but so worth it at the same time. Best of luck and I'm always available to commiserate!

Nancy Face said...

Happy, happy birthday! :D

I'm so glad it was such a good one! Yay for smooth faces...and legs, tee hee! ;)

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