Another reason I love Sam

Sam gets really into sports. Especially this World Series since he dislikes the Yankees so much. Last night, a Yankees player Jorge Posada was up to bat. When he struck out Sam said, "In your face, Jorge! Or should I say, 'GEORGE!'"

Good one, Sam. Good one.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

hahah your husband is really funny.
Im cheating by commenting here but I needed to tell you that I bought my first pack of stamps today, just so I could write you letters. Feel special because you are!
I started a blog, I bought Stamps oh boy I don't know what might be next.

Camille Elise said...

Cute. Sounds like what I do when cars pull out in front of me or do stupid stuff. I yell at them in my car...even though I know they can't hear me. I bet you were chuckling out loud when your husband did that though.

Lcurls said...

hahaha, I love when husbands say funny things. It just makes life so much better.

by the way thanks for commenting on my blog. I love it:)

Brea said...

hahahaha that is really funny! I love how into sports men get! It is something I do not understand!

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